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Professional Services

Meeting Your Needs One Shipment at a Time


Safe and Timely Shipping

St. Thomas Cargo and Ship Services ships every week from Medley, FL to St. Thomas, USVI. Once we receive cargo at our Florida facility we track the cargo until it's picked up in St. Thomas or delivered to a home or business. Allowing our customers to know where their cargo is at all times and know when they will be able to receive their goods.

Delivery Van

Curbside and Inside Delivery

With a wide range of delivery vehicles, St. Thomas Cargo and Ship Services can safely and quickly deliver goods to businesses and customers' homes. From a small truck to a Container/Flatrack load of cargo, we have many options for transporting your cargo, providing a delivery service customers need and deserve.

Packaging Factory

US Custom Clearance

St. Thomas Cargo and Ship Services is committed to getting the job done, especially when it comes to clearing cargo into St. Thomas. Our professional clearance team will get shipments cleared through US Customs to make sure the cargo is in our customer's hands as quickly as possible.

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Additional Services

Meeting Your Needs One Shipment at a Time

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Ship Agent

Since St. Thomas is a vacation destination for many, We offer services for vessels visiting the island:

  •  Accommodations for crew and guest members.

  • Clearances for arrivals and departures as well as crew and guest members.

  •  Pick-up and delivery of goods and provisions to the vessels

  • and many more...

Please feel free to contact us for more information.


We have various sizes of storage spaces for you to store at our location. From small units to large units we have space available. With our helpful staff, we can help transport your goods from your vehicle up to your storage space. For more information please contact us.


Northbound Shipments

As St. Thomas Cargo ships cargo down to the island, we also offer to ship your goods back up to the United States. We can pick-up or receive your items and store them. Once loaded, the northbound container will be shipped back to Miami and we can arrange for your items to be delivered anywhere in the US. Please call for more information.

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